Data Source

Original Paper: Yang et al., Worldwide Nuclear Explosions

Map: Udacity's Data Visualization and d3.js

Software and Frameworks

IDE: PhpStorm 2016.1 by JetBrains (Educational License)

PHP Interpreter: XAMPP


Datepicker: jQuery UI

CSS Framework: GroundworkCSS 2

PDF Conversion: PDF2DOCX

CSV Generation: Microsoft Excel 2016

Data Preprocessing: R 3.2.3

Data Preprocessing (IDE): RStudio 0.99.489

Web Hosting: hosting24

Help Sources

HTML/CSS: W3Schools

D3.js (general): D3.js API

Maps in D3: Maptime Boston

Tooltips: D3Noob

Brush Selection: Mike Bostock

Brush Control: Timely Portfolio

Interactive Legend: D3Noob

Stacked Plot: Mike Bostock

Misc: A lot of Stackoverflow